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We are trusted for our expertise, and it is the first-hand insights of our brokerage that raises the bar. Jetsetters Aviation is set to make your jet charter experience exceptional.

Our turnkey local knowledge, expert aviation heritage, and outstanding reputation in the industry have enabled us to arrange bespoke flying solutions for business executives, government officials, celebrities, corporations, and discerned travellers from around the world.

Established upon more than a decade of aviation experience in jet charter global operation, our collective insights about aircraft charter and private jet ownership will fulfil all your flying needs. Whether you are an aircraft owner or first-time charter customer, our job is to match your flying requirement with a wealth of qualified aircrafts available worldwide.

Safety, Efficiency, Integrity– Reliable services above and beyond your extraordinary flying expectation.


“From start to finish, Jetsetters ensured our charter of two aircrafts was handled with professionalism and precision. It was an extreme success and Jetsetters was a constant and valued partner when we flew together. Jetsetters is a consummate professional and would be successful in any venture they were involved in.” – S&P 500 company customer listed on NYSE

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