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Originally built based on Boeing 737 series commercial airliners, BBJ offers the ultimate luxury, space, and range with its further extended family Boeing 777X and 787 Dreamliner. Typical VVIP facilities include VVIP lounge, crew rest area, conference and dining area, private office, stateroom, and shower.

Crew: 3 flight crew and 2 cabin hostess
Passenger: 19+ pax, or Sleeps 8+ (various configurations)
Galley: Yes
Restroom: Yes
Range: 4,200 nm+
Cruising Speed: 870 km/ hr
Entertainment: Lounge, Shower, Blu Ray, DVD, CD, Airshow, Wi Fi
Satellite Phone: Yes
Baggage Weight: 65 – 120 suitcases subject to weight and size
Typical Journey and Time: Dubai – Singapore | 07 hours 30 mins*
*Based on average winds and overflight performance